WELLNESS WEDNESDAY || My Skin Care Routine


Hi! So I’ve been getting questions recently about my skin care routine, so here it is!

I started using wrinkle cream when I was 28 for prevention because, basically I was paranoid :). I’ve always been really good about caring for my skin and protecting it from UV rays etc. When I was 18 I had a boyfriend that was into skin care, and he told me not to let anyone touch my face with their dirty finger tips because that creates clogged pores! Whether or not that’s true, I sure did believe him so I never let anyone touch my face! LOL

I always wash my face before I go to bed. Always. Even if I didn’t wear makeup that day, it’s super important to wash the day off of your face every night. I use a Clarisonic Mia Fit and I alternate face washes and moisturizers depending on how my skin is feeling. Right now, these are the products that I’m loving :

  • Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser : I love anything with activated charcoal in it because I feel like it’s really cleansing my skin. This one warms on contact, so don’t be alarmed! It visibly minimizes the appearance of large pores and provides anti aging and antioxidant protection. And it’s gluten free. Score!
  • Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil : I love using this oil under my night time moisturizer. This is a plant based facial oil that works over night to improve complexion of your skin.
  • Seaweed Night Cream : I love every product in this line, and I alternate which night cream I use, however this particular cream is rich and creamy and I really feel extra moisturized when I use it.
  • Glycolic Eye Cream : I can’t forget about the thinnest skin on my face, and that’s the under eye! It’s important for me to highly moisturize this part because … well I’m paranoid, but also, the better moisturized I am the more awake I look….. and let’s face it, I have 2 babies under 2….. I’m a tired mama.
  • If I have a blemish I want to get rid of quickly I will use this Drying Lotion and/or Patchouli oil on it! Trust me on the Patchouli …. my husband hates the smell of it, but it works!

Those are all of the current products in my night time skin care routine! I’m always trying out new products and alternating so this will change, but for now this is my jam! What products do you use for your skin care routine??


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