Ok so I’ve only been back for a few days and everyone has been asking me about my latest adventure in Chile…. not that I wouldn’t LOVE to talk to each and every one of you about it…. just thought blogging about it would be easier. ūüôā So here goes!

First of all…. I sure did miss my REAL coffee…. instant coffee wasn’t doing it for me, but I managed… ūüôā

A little bit of everything on this trip! We went to a little farmer’s/flea market type thing in the park where we found the most AMAZING antique record player which we later listened to and were completely blown away. Like for real. We also found a cute ornament for the Christmas tree and¬†also that hat I’m wearing in that picture.


We found cool places to eat and discovered that Chile is NOT lacking in ice cream shops. Ice cream shops in Chile are like Starbucks in NYC…. on every corner. There were¬†ice cream shops NEXT to other ice cream shops! My favorite flavors were Harina¬†Tostada¬†(toasted flour¬†I think?…. you know… what I’m allergic to…) and Nocciola¬†(Hazelnut). I started to crave it – which is when I knew I needed to stop. Haha! The hot spots for us were Coquinaria, Tiramisu and Osaka. All three were awesome.

Chile also has a plethora of stray dogs! It made me sad. If you know me, you know I’m such a dog person. I named each one I saw, but it got to be too much so I just named them all “Marshmallow”…. because I can. I started to wonder if I could open a rescue shelter to bathe and take care of all the pups. Until I quickly remembered that I¬†absolutely do NOT want to live in Chile.¬†We literally almost brought one home until we found out she had an owner.


I got to do the tourist thing and visited museums, old churches¬†and parks, which I loved. Except this one called MAC…. and knowing my love for MAC makeup you know I was super excited…. Worst. Museum. Ever. It was like a bunch of depressed college kids put all of their angst and hatred together in one space and called it a museum. I’m all about people expressing their feelings through art, however that is not a place I ever want to go back to. Uff! Shake it off!


The best day of all was when we took an adventure to a place called “Val Paraiso”…. we were told it was romantic and such an amazing place……. Nope. Not so much. We both wanted to go to a winery so we decided after a 45 minute train ride and¬†an hour bus ride to Val Paraiso, that we’d get on another bus to another magical place…. that also was not what we were looking for. So we asked a cab driver (Julio)¬†just to take us somewhere we could eat and have a glass of wine (by this point we were content with eating an empanada at the grocery store) and he¬†ended up taking¬†us to the most amazing winery! It was exactly what I had imagined in my mind before we got there and it exceeded any expectation¬†I had! It was called House¬†: Casa Del Vino… They have a Facebook page… lol of course they do. Anyway the food was great and the wine pairings were excellent…. Although I barely got through a few of them. Lightweight. Whatever. ūüôā


The trip was amazing because of the company I was with… however the country itself was not my most favorite. We did encounter some super sweet people along the trip although the majority were rude and a little condescending.¬†I stayed longer than originally expected due to a slight “being locked in the room and couldn’t get out because it was a holiday and the only other person that had a key, besides my boyfriend who was working, was the owner of the condo who was 2 hours away” thing…. That definitely turned out for the best as¬†I wasn’t ready to leave yet, I just didn’t know it.